Overamped Frequently Asked Questions

Does Overamped change the search results I see?

No. The removal of AMP is done entirely on-device, and no results are ever removed, reordered, replaced, or otherwise altered in any way, other than to link to the canonical non-AMP version.

Does Overamped work on iPadOS?


Will I always see the full original version of websites?

Yes, when access to “All Websites” been granted.

If access to “All Websites” has not been granted Overamped will try to calculate the best URL to redirect to, but it may not always be the original webpage and for some websites will redirect to a page that cannot be found. To learn more read “Why does Overamped work best with access to “All Websites”?”?

Why is the Overamped icon in Safari blue?

Safari uses a blue tint to indicate that the extension is active on the current page. Overamped cannot change this colour.

How do I setup Overamped?

Overamped can be enabled in the Settings app. Step-by-step instructions with screenshots are available.

Why does Overamped work best with access to “All Websites”?

Google search results do not include the canonical (non-AMP) URL in the search results, which makes is impossible for Overamped to know the correct URL to redirect to. Without access to “All Websites” Overamped will make a best guess to “de-AMP” the URL, but this will not always work.

This is because not all website use URLs that can be “de-AMP” using a single algorithm. For example for an abc.net.au article Google provides the URL https://amp.abc.net.au/article/100303036 but removing the amp. subdomain will yield https://abc.net.au/article/100303036, a URL that cannot be found (also known as a 404 error).

When access to “All Websites” is provided Overamped will skip the Google AMP cache but will still load the AMP version of the search result. As soon as the AMP version starts to load it will read the URL of the real (canonical) version of webpage and redirect to it.

A specific website isn't redirecting correctly, can I provide access to only that website to fix the redirection?

Yes, providing access to specific websites will also fix incorrect redirects. To provide access to a specific website first visit the website, then open Overamped on that page and grant access to the website.

Note that any new permissions will not be applied until pages that Overamped is active on are reloaded.