Overamped Press Kit

App Overview


Overamped is a Safari Extension that disables AMP pages in Google and Bing search results and links opened from other apps by redirecting to the canonical version.


A roadmap has been created for future updates. Some of the changes plan for post-launch include:

About the Developer

Overamped is developed by Joseph Duffy, an indie iOS developer living in England. I have a personal website with blog posts and my contributions to open source projects.

Overamped is published under my company, Yetii Ltd..


I can be contacted at https://overamped.app/contact or @Joe_Duffy (my DMs are open).


You are welcome to use the below assets when referring to Overamped. Please do not hotlink. If there are any other assets that would be useful please contact me.

All images have been losslessly compressed to be as small as possible.


The screenshots displayed below are thumbnails. Click to download full resolution PNGs.

Overamped replacing AMP links on GoogleOveramped replacing AMP links on TwitterOveramped Statistics tabList of websites Overamped has been disabled on


The Overamped logo is available pre-rounded, square, and pre-rounded with a shadow:

1024px rounded Overamped icon1024px square Overamped icon1024px rounded inset Overamped icon