Overamped Install Checker

⚠️ Overamped Safari Extension Not Detected

This page can be used to check if the Overamped Safari Extension is setup and functioning correctly.

If you have the Overamped Safari Extensions installed it will automatically reload this page. There are a few reasons this page may not reload.

If You Have The Overamped App Installed

If the Overamped app is installed but this page doesn't refresh it's likely that further setup is required. Please follow the instructions in the app or view the setup instructions in your browser.

Note that Overamped 1.2.0 is required to use this page. If you have an older version please update Overamped on the App Store

The Overamped App Is Not Installed

This checker will not work for any other AMP-redirecting extension. If you have don't have Overamped installed, please install it from the App Store.

If you need extra support please contact me.