Overamped Privacy

Overamped does not transmit any data off the device. This means that none of your data is shared, sold, or otherwise given to any third parties.

Overamped stores statistics that count the number of AMP links replaced and how many redirects Overamped has performed. It can also optionally collect the domain names for these statistics. All of this information is captured and remains on-device.

Extension Permissions

Overamped uses the minimal set of permissions required to function, which are explained below.

nativeMessagingUsed to communicate with the native iOS appStore domains Overamped has been disabled on, notify the iOS app that the extension has been enabled, and report statistics.
activeTabProvides access to the currently open tab when the Overamped extension is opened within SafariRead the URL of the current tab to provide the option to enable or disable Overamped for specific domains
storageProvides access to store small amounts of data that can only be accessed by the extensionStore a cache of the domains that Overamped has been disabled on

Access to Websites

Overamped can work with access to a minimal set of websites. Providing access to “Other Websites” will provide the best experience and does not have any privacy implications.